Starter Crystals for New Witches

Even the most seasoned witch was once in your position, that feeling of uncertainty about where to begin. I remember my early days into embracing my craft, spending time at crystal shops and only researching the stones which were calling to me, only to realize later on that there were definitely essentials I was lacking from my life!

While choosing the stones that call to you first should be most witches’ priorities, there are definitely some essentials you should all have!

So Let’s Get Started-

Rose Quartz is an incredible starter stone! This beauty was actually the first crystal I ever added to my altar back in it’s early days and if I could choose a favorite, it would probably be this one!

Rose Quartz can be used for many purposes, yet it is most commonly known as the Crystal of Love. You can use it to help boost self confidence and love, wear it on a pendant to attract romance and stronger relationships and it is one of the best stones to help with healing from emotional trauma and personal growth! I actually sell raw rose quartz stones & polished rose quartz necklaces over on my etsy shop!

This crystal can be used in so many ways and along with being a stone of love and healing, it’s also one of the stones most commonly used in the beauty world!

Amethyst is an extremely spiritual crystal, perfect for using when you plan to work with any form of divination. This crystal is also used for calming down nerves and bringing peaceful energy to your life. Amethyst also absorbs negative energy, meaning that amethyst can also be used for protection. One more thing it can help with is better sleep! Set a piece of amethyst under your pillow or on your bedtime table for sweeter dreams. This is another crystal available on my shop!

Citrine is the stone that every single creative person needs to have! It boosts creativity and success as a whole, pair this stone with Green Aventurine and you have the perfect duo for prosperity!

This stone is incredible because it’s another one which absorbs negative energy, but unlike most crystals it doesn’t need cleansing as it dissipates and grounds that energy! Use this stone to help manifest your goals and dreams into reality!

Speaking of Green Aventurine this is yet another crystal that should be in every witch’s collection! This stone is the definition of prosperity and can be used to manifest financial success as well as emotional peace. Green aventurine also helps boost motivation and good luck and is yet another crystal I sell on my shop!

Carnelian is yet another crystal that helps with luck and motivation! This stone has a bold energy and really assists in bringing a grounding yet motivating force to your life! This stone paired with the last two on this list really is a lovely combination for any creators who need an extra push towards their dreams and goals.

Protection! It’s so important for anyone to surround themselves with protective items to shield them from negative energies and Black Tourmaline is the perfect stone for this. It absorbs negativity and converts it into useful positive energy. Not only is this stone absolutely perfect for protection, but it also is an extremely grounding one as well.

And finally, clear quartz! This stone is known as the master healer and is an essential to own. Along with being an extremely important stone when it comes to healing, it is also seen as a blank slate so it’s a perfect addition for most spells!

That’s the list for now! I hope that this helped give you some advice on where to start!

I’m planning to make more in depth blog posts over here on this page soon, keep an eye out for my starter herbs post as well as more specific lists of crystals fitting for varying purposes!!

Blessed Be.

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